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The way we have structured our business model has helped us achieve consistent results over the past years across economic cycles. The key attributes to our success are the building blocks that our business is centered around.

Maximizing fundamental intrinsic value for stakeholders and shareholders over time, we have always maintained that our partners and employees are the center of our business strategies.

Differentiating through providing customized marketing and service solutions, helping us grow at higher than market growth rates.

A Focused and Diversified Portfolio. Over time, we have aimed at building a uniquely shaped dependable portfolio of world renowned brands which bring utmost value to our consumers, business partners, employees and shareholders.

Scale-able Systems, institutionalizing risk, control and operating systems that promote steadfast and effective execution.

Replicating the SLFSC DNA. Empowering and training our talent pool has provided us with significant bandwidth to execute our growth plans. Our multi-cultural team has grown to over 15 nationalities, which makes it quite unique among our competitors.

Management excellence. A high calibre, high-performance management team with rich global experience is the driving force of our sustained growth.

Governance & Transparency. Effective management processes and a strong executive leadership constantly guiding us with our core tenets of Governance.

Over time, we are acquiring new strengths, organically by building synergies within our operations and inorganically by investing in and acquiring new capabilities that complement and enhance our existing businesses. Our food services and consumer agency divisions are continuing their strong growth trajectory and delivering consistent year on year growth. The viguor, grit and optimism of our talented multi-cultural team, is continually enabling us to skillfully explore and navigate more market opportunities. Our shared vision and culture of leadership are driving our business at every level, giving us a distinct competitive advantage, while maintaining relentless focus on our continued successful journey into the Future.

Mohamad Waizani
GM & Partner

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