Infrastructure Management


With over 12 years of experience in the distribution of Food and Consumer products; we at SLFSC have demonstrated extensive market insight and industry expertise. Our professional and experienced team is trained and equipped to meet the challenging demands of the industry.

A vital component of our success has been our ability to provide, high-quality retail and food service customized & Integrated Supply Chain solutions. We have transformed the Supply Chain Management into a critical business strategy based on collaborative partnerships, inventive thinking, and clubbed it with high-performance operational standards. Sales & Operation planning practices have enabled us to reach higher forecast accuracy with reduced inventory coverage and improved working capital.

We operate modernized Distribution Centers in Kuwait with over 10,000 square meters of storage space, meeting our target of delivering more than 1,500 products. BK is well equipped with various types of racking systems, material handling equipment’s and safety precautionary facilities, adding extra mileage to our distribution center.

The ambient warehouse space is 7,500 square meters, encompassing in excess of 5,000 pallet locations thus delivering quality and hygienic products to our customers on a daily basis. This is one of the diversified facilities in Kuwait with adequate provision for the confectionery range. BK’s chilled & frozen warehouse capacity is over 1,000 square meters. Apart from the warehousing capabilities we have an in-house repacking facility to co-pack promotional products as per the requirement, providing an additional service to our business partners.

With a fleet strength of over 40 direct store delivery vehicles and 47 delivery trucks, covering more than 2300 sales points in Kuwait.We pride ourselves on providing full end-to-end supply chain solutions for all geographical areas of Kuwait covering Food Service, Retail, Key accounts, Co-operatives and Government Institutions. By implementing efficient routing planning we have enhanced on time delivery (OTIF) and improved space utilization. Meticulous planning and actions of our Supply Chain team has effectively enabled us to enhance the output and service levels to our customers.

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